Friday, July 1, 2011


So earlier this week, Frank and Mike visited Dave over at Little Door to set up the click tracks, tempos, and time signatures for all 10 tracks. Even with just one foot in the door, the excitement has already began to sink in for all of us...

It seems that we all have a child like adoration for studio time. Tony and myself were recording virgins during the process of creating the demo last summer with Dave but the experience was definitely far from painful. For a group of dudes who had only met about a month earlier, it was actually an extremely satisfying and awesome time for all of us... Everyone expects a bit more stress doing 10 songs since we happen to be 5 of the most obnoxious perfectionists when it comes to this music stuff, but that's quite alright!

Frank will be bringing his drum set by the studio some time this weekend so that everything will be ready for him to begin recording drums on the 11th... The way things are looking at the moment, we would HOPEFULLY be finishing up all recording by the first week of August before handing the tracks over to Frank's uncle "The digital doctor" for the mixing/mastering process... Now we have the very painful task of waiting to get started on this beast!

In other news, I drove down to the South Jersey Atlantic City area the other day to meet up with Tony and Alonso to get some promo pictures down for the album. For those who don't know, our guitarists both live at the Southern most point of NJ, I live way up North only 10 minutes outside of NYC, while Frank and Mike live over one hour North of me in the Bronx! That's why when we say "Tri-State Death Thrash", we mean that shit! It's a pain in the ass when it comes to shows, practice, or even the recording but it's worth the distance to all be working together. We have a lot of love and respect for each other in this band!

Anyway, the pictures came out awesome and I will be doing the same for Frank and Mike next week in the Bronx. We're going to show some hometown love with these pictures to help get a better grasp of how far we've come to make all this happen... It's all symbolic and artsy and it's gonna be sick!

Speaking of sick art... The album art has been under way for some time now and will be revealed shortly... So get ready to be astonished! That's all we have to report for now people. Thanks for taking the time to read our little blog here. We will be in touch!


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